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One System, Tailored To Your Practice

We Use AI Technology To Tell The Optician What The Patient's Needs Our Prior To Their Appointment

ipad for optical

Step 1

Patient Fills Out The App

Patient will use an ipad before eye exam to fill out the simple App (2 mins). 

optical ipad

Step 2

Optician and Optometrist Receive Information

Optician will receive data and can pre plan the frame and lens that the patient wants. A proven stradegy that prevents walk 

glasses, optical


Frame and lens Package Given To Patient

Patient choses perfect pair of glasses with optician.

Trying On Glasses

Why Now and Why Us?

Simple Display

Easy interphase and user friendly

Personalized Content

We customize the app for your practice. 


Using the App Data, have access to market data from hundreds of other optometry practices 

 Patients are saying.....

Wow! This App picked out the perfect pair of glasses! As soon as I stepped into the optical everything was already done! 

Get the App now!

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