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We are a leading optometry solutions company. We focus on transforming practices and creating solutions for eye care professionals.

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Our Story

Optom-Assist is a custom app that uses AI technology that creates a more effective transition from the office to the optical. Tailored to your practice. We believe this will change the way optometrist offices run. Our goal is to help practices increase efficiency, profit and increase patient satisfaction. 

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Optom-Assist is powered by a team with diverse talents. Founder is a twin where his dad, mom, and brother are optometrist. Dr. Jon and Dr. Josh want to help transform the private OD office. "We want to beat the online websites and keep private practices strong and provide the best service. More than 50 years of combined experience in eye care. The twin team is unwaveringly focused on one common goal: to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation to meet the needs of patients and eye care professionals. 

Our Clients

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