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Introducing Your

Virtual Assistant.

Match Patients With The Perfect Pair Of Glasses Using Artificial Intelligence. 

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What Is OptomAssist?

We have created a patient focused sales application that formulates their glasses preferences including style, budget, uses, and lens options. We also provide office training focusing on revenue boosting techniques. 

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Patient's Are Educated On Your Product Offerings & Focuses The Optician On High Margin Items. 

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Who Is OptomAssist?

Dr. Jon Fabriziani & Dr. Joshua Fabriziani built this for their own office & saw a huge impact. With their techniques the Dr's doubled revenue!. They were urged by colleagues to let them use it & Optom-Assist was born.

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Capture Rate Increases From Patient Participation & Interaction.

Let's Get In Touch

App link will be sent via email and have start up instructions. Will be sent within 30 minutes;

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Data Analytics From Results Allows Offices To Order The Correct Frames.

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